Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rendez-vous with Lou Doillon

When she was about 15 years old, she was living an insane and wild life in Paris. She had red hair and piercings all over her body. Taking drugs and not really caring about anything, her papa thought that putting her in one of his movies might help settle her down. And he was right: Lou calmed down. "It made me a new person".

Meet Lou Doillon, she's the daughter of French director Jacques Doillon and actress Jane Birkin. Lou is a stunning 25-year-old actress and model who is currently taking Paris by storm. "I don't really understand it," she says of her newfound fame. "It's quite amusing, actually. Suddenly I hear my name being called out by strangers all over Paris. I hear good rumors and bad rumors. It's funny to be the ‘thing’ everyone's talking about." Her beauty contract for the house of Givenchy is not strictly as a model, but as something more haunting: their muse.

The quirky Parisienne definately has an own, unique style. Her style is a bit tomboy-slouch with a Parisien flare for dramatic. "History is a big inspiration, and then literature, paintings, and films. I like hidden references; I'll be inspired to wear thigh-high green socks by an Egon Schiele painting. For the Lee Cooper collection, my style inspiration is the Artful Dodger—my favorite character ever [from Oliver Twist]." Long admired in the fashion world for her individual style - it's not every day you find someone who claims the Artful Dodger as their fashion inspiration - the Parisien It-girl is friends with Milla Jovovich, and can ensure the attendance of the Olsen twins and Mischa Barton at an event.

Click here to read an interview with Lou and click here to see more pictures.

(Thanks to Refinery29, The Sartorialist and The Vintage Society)

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