Sunday, June 29, 2008

They wear their sunglasses at night

When I saw the pictures of Madonna attending a Sabbath service at Manhattan’s Kabbalah Centre Friday last saturday, I just knew I'd seen those sunglasses before! And yep, I was right: Lindsay Lohan wore the same pair of Chanel 416oQ's last february. To be honest: I'm not really into the 4160Q's, I don't know why. They just seem a little bit odd looking to me, maybe it's the shape or something. Anyway, on the left is Lindsay Lohan and on the right is Madonna.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mary Kate Olsen likes his sunglasses

I've always been kinda intrigued by the Olsen twins. I don't know why, but somehow I just really like them. They are not the greatest actresses in the world, but they aren't that bad. And, not to forget, they both have an amazing sense of fashion! Although I'm not really into MK's style, I adore Ashley's style. Anyway, I was watching a clip of Mary Kate's appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman (june 26) and I think she tried to tell musician Paul Schaffer by making gestures, that she liked his sunglasses. Watch the clip here

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

See you in the arena

Well, where should I start... I think a lot of you already know that gladiator sandals are a huge trend this summer. But I still want to dedicate a trend-post to the 'gladiator's'! We all know what gladiators are, so I don't have to explain that. If you don't know what they are: shame on you! Go google it. Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen wore gladiator sandals already last year. Ashley went for the ankle-sandal, while MK went knee-high. Now A. and MK. were spotted with gladiator sandals, other celebs couldn't stay behind and soon whole female-hollywood started to follow this trend. The result of all this? Gladiator sandals are taking over the world this summer!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Miley & Naomi: wanted!

Ah well, it's always fun to see people wearing the same clothes. On the left is Miley Cyrus, 15 year old actress and singer and on the right we have Naomi Campbell, 38 year old model. I don't know exactly when the picture of Miley is taken, but I think it was a few months ago. Naomi was spotted wearing the same t-shirt a few days ago.

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New header

Tadaa, what do you think about it? It's Rebel chic's first header haha. The girl in the picture is Emma Watson, she plays Hermoine in the Harry Potter movies.