Tuesday, June 24, 2008

See you in the arena

Well, where should I start... I think a lot of you already know that gladiator sandals are a huge trend this summer. But I still want to dedicate a trend-post to the 'gladiator's'! We all know what gladiators are, so I don't have to explain that. If you don't know what they are: shame on you! Go google it. Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen wore gladiator sandals already last year. Ashley went for the ankle-sandal, while MK went knee-high. Now A. and MK. were spotted with gladiator sandals, other celebs couldn't stay behind and soon whole female-hollywood started to follow this trend. The result of all this? Gladiator sandals are taking over the world this summer!

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Raiment Urbane said...

Mary Kate & Ashley are pretty much always ahead of trends.