Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sweet music: The Kooks

Say hello The Kooks: a band of four guys who studied at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. The Kooks is a indie rock band formed in 2004.

(Naive, live at Leeds)

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Luke Pritchard got bassist Max Rafferty involved in a college project, which formed the base of the band. After getting lead guitarist Hugh Harris and drummer Paul Garred involved, they chose a band name from a song off the 1971 David Bowie album Hunky Dory, entitled "Kooks".
The Kooks released a debut EP and played Brighton's Free Butt festival, and were instantly signed to Virgin Records. Pritchard wrote The Kooks' hit song "Naïve" when he was only 16 years old, which after release catapulted the debut album, Inside In/Inside Out into the UK Top 20 charts for more than half of 2006.
The band mix a whole range of styles and influences within their music. Influences like Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, The Kinks, The Beatles, Velvet Underground, David Bowie, The Doors and Jeff Buckley. They seem to blend quite edgy and bouncy pop guitar riffs with a nice solid beat. But it is lead singer Pritchard that really gives the band a unique sound and defines them from the majority.

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