Friday, July 11, 2008

Rendez-vous with Harley Viera Newton

She's 20, lives in NYC, is a full-time Egyptology major at NYU, plays bass for Lissy Trullie and DJ for her main job. Oh and she just signed with Elite. Meet Harley Viera Newton, a busy girl with a great sense of style and beautiful long hair ("No, i'm not cutting my hair anytime soon"). Being called an It-girl, or, even moreso, an Internet It-girl, makes Harley laugh. "I feel like I've made fun of people called It-girls," she says.
At first, she dismisses it, she finds the label "a little embarrassing," explaining it tends to connote someone whose goals don't extend beyond being photographed, or partying. But like said before: Harley is a hardworking girl. Intresting is that she says she "looked like a whore" at her high school prom. She wore a Balenciaga blue knee-length dress. "It was silk and buttoned down." And then to the after-thing she wore this vintage Alaia dress with six-inch Alexander McQueen heels. "I was like, 'I look good tonight,' and looking back, I'm like, 'You look like a whore!' I had my hair in a slick-back pony or something really embarrassing."

Harley is a recent fan of the crop top. She's been trying to bring that back. "I found this incredible shredded, Union Jack crop top, it's like sooo kitsch and awful and in the same way amazing." Her style icon is Tom Binns. "He could tell me to wear a cardboard box and I would." So it isn't a surprise that Harley wears Tom Binns jewelry everyday. "I'll sleep in this…when you take this off (points under wrist) it's like another color under here!"
She has usually one pair of shoes a season that she just wears everyday and every night. This season Harley chose ChloƩ Doc Martens wedges, the low ones. "They're pretty wild, but I love Doc Martens and any reappropriation of that I'm into." Harley is also crazy about her small Chanel purse. "I wear it every single day at all times." And on top of all this Harley collects band t-shirts. But only from bands she likes. Oh and if your intrested: some of Harley's famous friends are Mischa Barton, Cory Kennedy, Alice Dellal and Mark Hunter (the Cobrasnake).

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Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

she has the most perfect life ever!
Love harley!!