Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet music: Sarah O'Connor

Charlotte O’Connor is a 17 year old acoustic singer and songwriter from Blackburn, Lancashire who is currently creating great interest in the music industry. At the age of five, wanting to impress her friends, she sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ at the family Christmas dinner, at the age of 15 she picked up a guitar and she hasn’t stopped since!

(Charlotte O'connor - Believe)
Influenced by artists like Damien Rice, Pink and Michelle Branch and with abundance of passion, determination and confidence the future looks bright for Charlotte. But this amazing girl doesn't want to be famous: "I was walking in Blackburn town centre recently and I heard a guy saying 'That's Charlotte O'Connor.' I didn't like it. It felt strange." Charlotte just wants to get people to relate to her music and to like it. "I don't really like thinking of the fame side of things."

After recently winning a competition at Sir Paul McCartney's Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in Liverpool, Charlotte was spotted by Sam Bush - son of legendary music promoter Mel Bush, who is credited with discovering David Bowie and Queen. One Sunday at about 4pm last august, Charlotte got a phonecall from Sam Bush and he asked 'Can we meet up?' Sure, she said, some time next week maybe?, but Sam responded: 'What about in say four hours?' and he drove all the way up to see her there and then.

As far as songwriting goes, Charlotte is inspired by anything and everything. "When I was younger I was a bit too young to be writing love songs. I still am really, so I based my songs on my sister's relationships," says Charlotte. "There's one song called Crazy About You based on her. I think she was a bit shocked when she found out!"
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(Thanks to the Lancashire Telegraph)

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