Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rocking the black blazer

We can thank Coco Chanel for giving us the perfect jacket to top everything from skirts to jeans. A great blazer or jacket can dress up any outfit and protect women from blasts of overzealous air conditioning systems everywhere. Blazers aren't just for schoolgirls or bank tellers. Whether you are going to work, a club, a soccer game, or the theater, your blazer can dress up your jeans, skirt, pants, or cocktail dress. A fashionable blazer can take the place of a sweater on a cool night. Check out ShopWiki for some 'how to fit'-information.

(Pictures: Just Jared/Celebutopia/Celeb slam)

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MR style said...

it's a must have !!! im just dreamin of a Givenchy one with gold on it !! :)